It’s Never Too Soon to Get Botox – Or Is It?

Notorious for its use amongst people who want to prevent further aging, Botox has risen to the top of the beauty industry as one of the most used methods to prevent lines. It continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, and for good reason - it can help with fine lines, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and other problem areas.

Not only does it have cosmetic purposes, but Botox can also be used for things like migraine prevention, teeth grinding and hyperhidrosis. It is also relatively affordable with little downtime and is highly effective. More recently, young people are using Botox as a preventative measure to stop the aging process in its tracks. If you’re wondering when to start injections, you’re in the right place.

What Exactly is Botox?

Botox is an injectable used to relax muscles in order to prevent wrinkling of certain areas. Typically, it is used on the face, helping you smooth out brow lines, crows feet, and smile lines. These wrinkles are formed in part to the repetitive movement of muscles within your face. Smile lines occur when you smile or laugh, which causes the muscles of your face to squeeze the same skin over and over again: eventually resulting in the development of creases and lines. As Botox is used to prevent the exaggerated movement of these muscles, it not only will smooth out the wrinkled areas but it can be used as a preventative measure to help reduce the development of these wrinkles before they take root.

Does Getting Botox Early Prevent Wrinkles?

Wrinkles occur due to the movement of muscles within your face, and other factors such as sun exposure, genetics, diet, and more. Preventative Botox will relax the muscles and diminish their movement, which in turn prevents the muscles from contracting and folding the skin, and is an extremely effective solution for preventing and treating wrinkles. Because your muscles are unable to contract, you are less likely to develop these wrinkles. Preventative injections will last for about 3-4 months, and occasionally up to 6 months.

Generally speaking, preventative treatment is recommended when lines remain on your face when you’re not expressing emotion on your face. Everyone will have wrinkles when facial muscles move, like with frowning or smiling or showing any kind of expression. This is natural - what you need to be on the lookout for is if the lines remain after your facial expression is completely neutral.

What works for one person will not always work for another. You may not see any kind of change in wrinkles or lines until your 30s, while someone else might start seeing these lines in their 20s. There are many factors to consider when opting for preventative Botox, and getting treatment is up to your discretion. When you start getting treatment early, you will reduce the chance of new wrinkles forming and prevent further aging. There is no right or wrong age for preventative Botox.

Preventing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Often the deepest creases you have on your face are found on your forehead and on smile lines. If you are an expressive person, chances are both of these areas have deeper wrinkles than the rest of your face. Don’t worry if you currently have these kinds of wrinkles - Botox injections can help address these current wrinkles.

The best way to know how to handle these creases is to speak to a skincare professional. They will go over the current state of your wrinkles with you and help you develop a game plan to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles and determine what is best for you. This will likely include not only a skincare regimen but also possible skin care services, ranging from facials to microdermabrasion and even laser treatment.

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